Friday, October 24, 2008

Back with deepavali wishes :)

Its been really really long since i blogged. Not that I do not want to blog or something. I was just busy with school and all. College as started. In week2 right now!!
Time really flys. Project work as already started. Its a interesting topic. Creating a web portal for a healthcare company. :)
However, we are to use JEE to develop our project. Working with IBM rational software. Its kind of difficfult to get used to this software.
And this software is like a darn huge 12GB. Can you believe it!!!!
My lappy is gonna super lag :(

I'm right now in school :)
Having project practical :D
and i'm blogging... howzzat!!! haha
Its friday and i'm so like in weekend mood :D
A long weekend -> Monday is a public holiday!!! yeah!!!
Its deepavali.... Wishing all the reading a happy and prosperous deepavali wishes