Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jerome's Bday

Its been some times since i blogged...Was just busy with school work...
Its almost the end of semester... wrapping up of projects.. finishing practicals... revision lectures.. oh damn stress it it.. Blogging is a stress reliever now... :D
Another month and exams will be over.. Then I'll be FREE!!! yeah...

Coming to the point about this post... 25 july was my friend's birthday... His Name is Jerome James Victore... Actually.. i just realised that i know this guy for 7 solid years.. i'm glad... :)
And i bought this really cute t-shirt :D
Actually... its a very cute little t-shirt with our picture imprint on it.. its really cute.. i wanted to post it here... :D

--> thats the cute t-shirt
--> me and jerome

while posting this here.. i'm actually eating this ice-cream my dad bought for me.. and i cant resist that to talk about it... is MAGNUM DARK ice cream.. oh my.. i'm telling you its just soo hmmmm!!! haha :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have a friend
Who is perfect for me
She listens to all my problems
No matter how dumb they may be

She calls me on the phone
And we would talk for hours
About nothing at all
We would talk about love and life
And discuss what we wanted to be

She knew just how I felt
And how happy I could be
She listens to me patiently
But never judges what I do or say
She helped with all my problems
And never went away

How much she means to me
That I could tell her all my dreams

What is dear to me
She keeps it all bottled up inside

I am thankful for that friend of mine
Our friendship is one of a kind

And she will always be there
For she is my best friend

Exams Again!!!

Exam time-table is out!!!!
Believe it or not.. I have just about 1month for my exams to come... sighz
I have papers on Aug 18,20,22,25.... and the last 2 papers are like in the evening... 4 to 6pm.. grr..
Whatever... evening papers make me sleepy :'(

Project is due in abt 3 weeks time... rushing through it... Managed to do CreateController.. on my own.. without any help.. wow i'm proud of myself... :D

and.. i have been reading this blog of this writer named Arti.. really wonderful story line she writes... do take a look... the link is in the right side of my blog.. :)
just finished reading her new story name "Anonymous Nicknames"... loved it.. totally... though it was a sad ending....

Thats it for now... gotta continue with project... :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm not commited to blogging... :'(
I feel bad for it... but its just that i'm lazy... :) haha... So i decided to give my blog some sweet changes.. hopefully the changes temps me to write more :D
How do you'll like my new backdrop... I like it very much....
Actually... my exams are nearing..... hmm.. haven't started revision.. Will be starting soon...

Will try to update my blog regularly...