Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm really sad :(

Exams are finally over... 4 papers.. whew.. and finally they are over... did it fairly well... expect good results.. :)
and why am i sad????
Let me explain.. my lappy(lap to) spolied... :'(
yaa... and damn it holidays.. why is this happening to me... i managed to call in the acer technician.. and he says there is a problem in the mother board :(
He couldnt get a replacement for it.. since there isnt stock right now(thats the reason he gave) :( he promised to get a replacement in 3 working days.. or else.. he told me that they would make a one to one replacement of a new lappy in another 2days... :(
it might sound cool for having a brand lappy... but i don want a new one.. i want my lappy...
arhhgg.... stress...
i'm so lost without my lappy... :(
i hope i'll get a my mother boared exchanged... will be back to blogging as soon as my lappy is back to me.... :(