Monday, April 29, 2013

Growing up

Writing needs a whole lot motivation. This time I am my own motivation.

Too many changes in life from the last blog post. Oh well, its been 3 years ever since the last post was up and changes are inevitable. And frankly speaking growing up kinda sucks. Its more like the amount of responsibilities and worries that come together with growing up is what makes you feel such.

The world around you gets smaller as you grow up (no pun intended), well at least for me it did. Life starts circulating around work, family and closely knitted friend circle. Life becomes more complicated when you realize you are perfectly happy without the people you thought you needed the most. You begin to question yourself, your mind begins to wander on it own.

On the other note, life is about finding yourself, finding who you really are, what you really want. And i am in the journey of it.

#NoteToMyself : To keep motivating myself to write.