Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Back


Blogging was once, one of the many past times I had. Well, a favourite past time too.
Reading the blog stories by some people here had also given a inspiration to write more.
However, slowly I had drifted away from writing even reading. Not trying to give an excuse here, but life and things around it has changed so much from the last post. Final Year Specialization was the concern. Now I am an adult. Adult, who just entered the working world!! It has been a awesome ride down the polytechnic days i should say. Things, thoughts, people and environment has gone through big shuffle. People I used to talk to, have gone far far away. People I thought i would never talk to, have become great buddies. Whatever changes that had happened, I have learned to take it on the positive side.

Polytechnic days have ended. It was a struggle to complete my diploma in IT(bio informatics) but a sweet struggle. Memories of project get-togethers, studying sessions in the library and the project rooms brings back such great feeling. Three years have passed by so quickly. Final year poly days has given me great friends. Yes, I met the girl gang of my life. Girls I never thought would be such support in life. Lisha, Vino, Rekha, Vaani, Vanitha, Aminah. These names have carved a great friendship in my poly life. Special mention to Lisha, Vino, Rekha. Now that all of us have got a path of our own, we do not have so much of time for each other - comparatively to out poly days. But I am glad that everyone is making an effort to meetup on weekend.

Now about work life. Whew!! So different from the school days. A sudden change in daily schedules. Well i think it will take more time to adapt to all this. Will post more about the job and its environment is some other post :)

Lastly, the reason for this blog post - Lisha
Thanks for getting me back to blogging, I realized that i miss writing so much after typing this post. Now that you are blogging too... welcome to the bloggers world =) have great fun

All is well!


Nurlisha said...
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Nurlisha said...

Its been a pleasure knowin u too gal... Yr 3 poly life marks an impt stage in my life.. Glad to have met real buddies in there... :) We should all make an effort lik now to always keep in touch till we can:) Gd days..