Monday, April 29, 2013

Growing up

Writing needs a whole lot motivation. This time I am my own motivation.

Too many changes in life from the last blog post. Oh well, its been 3 years ever since the last post was up and changes are inevitable. And frankly speaking growing up kinda sucks. Its more like the amount of responsibilities and worries that come together with growing up is what makes you feel such.

The world around you gets smaller as you grow up (no pun intended), well at least for me it did. Life starts circulating around work, family and closely knitted friend circle. Life becomes more complicated when you realize you are perfectly happy without the people you thought you needed the most. You begin to question yourself, your mind begins to wander on it own.

On the other note, life is about finding yourself, finding who you really are, what you really want. And i am in the journey of it.

#NoteToMyself : To keep motivating myself to write.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Father, My Hero!!

My Father, My Hero

Yes this is not something new, every daughter or at least most daughter look upon their father has her hero. I am not an exception. Dad has always been the person I look up to.

Dad has given my all the freedom to decide my life on my own. He has never told me what to do; he always has been a guide instead. I can proudly say that I make my own decision in my life, that is solely because how my dad had brought me up. Dad has never taught me how to live life, he has set an example. I salute his challenging nature and competence in life.

I have always wanted to Thank God for giving me such a great dad and this post has given me a opportunity to do so.

Thank you god!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Back


Blogging was once, one of the many past times I had. Well, a favourite past time too.
Reading the blog stories by some people here had also given a inspiration to write more.
However, slowly I had drifted away from writing even reading. Not trying to give an excuse here, but life and things around it has changed so much from the last post. Final Year Specialization was the concern. Now I am an adult. Adult, who just entered the working world!! It has been a awesome ride down the polytechnic days i should say. Things, thoughts, people and environment has gone through big shuffle. People I used to talk to, have gone far far away. People I thought i would never talk to, have become great buddies. Whatever changes that had happened, I have learned to take it on the positive side.

Polytechnic days have ended. It was a struggle to complete my diploma in IT(bio informatics) but a sweet struggle. Memories of project get-togethers, studying sessions in the library and the project rooms brings back such great feeling. Three years have passed by so quickly. Final year poly days has given me great friends. Yes, I met the girl gang of my life. Girls I never thought would be such support in life. Lisha, Vino, Rekha, Vaani, Vanitha, Aminah. These names have carved a great friendship in my poly life. Special mention to Lisha, Vino, Rekha. Now that all of us have got a path of our own, we do not have so much of time for each other - comparatively to out poly days. But I am glad that everyone is making an effort to meetup on weekend.

Now about work life. Whew!! So different from the school days. A sudden change in daily schedules. Well i think it will take more time to adapt to all this. Will post more about the job and its environment is some other post :)

Lastly, the reason for this blog post - Lisha
Thanks for getting me back to blogging, I realized that i miss writing so much after typing this post. Now that you are blogging too... welcome to the bloggers world =) have great fun

All is well!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Final Yr specialisation

Hi to all... :)

Time really flies... Its soon so long since i blogged.. without myself realising it :(
Right now its crucial time of my polytechnic life.... Yr 2 Sem 2... kinda stressed up with things this semester...
and to add on to it... came the selection of specialisation for Yr3...
We are practically given 5 different specialisation to choose from...

1. Digital Informatics
2. Financial Informatics
3. Internet & Mobile Computing
4. Bio Informatics
5. InfoSecurity

And we are allowed to make 3 choices out of this...
I am like super duper confused....
Would like you'll to comment on these choices if you have any idea about them ... :)
Thanks... :D

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back with deepavali wishes :)

Its been really really long since i blogged. Not that I do not want to blog or something. I was just busy with school and all. College as started. In week2 right now!!
Time really flys. Project work as already started. Its a interesting topic. Creating a web portal for a healthcare company. :)
However, we are to use JEE to develop our project. Working with IBM rational software. Its kind of difficfult to get used to this software.
And this software is like a darn huge 12GB. Can you believe it!!!!
My lappy is gonna super lag :(

I'm right now in school :)
Having project practical :D
and i'm blogging... howzzat!!! haha
Its friday and i'm so like in weekend mood :D
A long weekend -> Monday is a public holiday!!! yeah!!!
Its deepavali.... Wishing all the reading a happy and prosperous deepavali wishes

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Award & my 1st Tag

1st i would like to start of by thanking Priya Joyce for her award.. very cute award indeed... will pin it up soon... 

Its a BFF(blogging friends forever) award... i'm really glad to get this from PJ(priya joyce)... very sweet name she has :) 
and she has a great blog too.. do check her out... (PJ, i'm advertising you)

and this is the award...
(its a visa)


And now... for the TAG...
this tag is from PJ as well... supposedly my 1st tag.. actually she had tagged me b4.. but i did not do.. :D 
sorry PJ.. :p
and this tag is called "Desktop Story"
1. Print screen your desktop
2. Post it
3. Write the story which lies beneath the Desktop picture

---> my desktop wallpaper

actually i don't really have a story for it... the wallpaper was shown to me by a friend.. and i just fell in love with it almost immediately...
since then it has been my lappy wallpaper... very romantic place it is... not really sure where this place is....
and the bridge at the background of the picture is the highlight of the entire image....
how i wish i was there with my boyfriend(that is, if i get any).... haha

and now.. for the tagging... 

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I recieved a blog award today!!!

yeah.. my 1st award.. it was given to me byAneesh.... Thank you Aneesh.. you made my day.. :D
and now i am passing it on.. 
I proudly present this award to Tara, Aminah, Mishra, Jerome, PriyaEla and Guru
Jerome and Aminah are my school friends.. and they just started blogging recently... 
I blogrolled Tara and Mishra recently and enjoy reading their blogs...
Priya is such a sweet blogger.. she always comments on my post without fails.. and leaves messages whenever i am missing in actions.. her blog is interesting too.. 
Guru and Ela were the 1st few people who read my blog and commented on them.. they are my 1st 2 blog mates... always close to my heart... 
So people here you go with your award... place it on your blogs alright...

and for now abt me....
Had gone for a 2 day course in school... Nokia symbian OS course... it was kinda boring... the instructor was reading the presentation slides like we dunno how to read... duh.. at the end of the 2nd day i got my certificate.... looks cool.. :D
luckily no exams for this course.. :D